Review, Drafting and Development of Regulations for the GCAA

Under a contract with the Ghana Ministry of Transport, Nathan Associates Inc. of U.S.A and Plan Consult developed a comprehensive economic regulations framework for Ghana Civil Aviation Authority. The specific objectives for the execution of the Consultancy Services were to: Develop modern, effective, and practical Aviation Sector Regulations consistent with the policy objectives of the GCAA and the GoG, entailing to:

  1. Define a regulatory framework that considers local context and best international practices;
  2. Promote safety and security, efficiency, quality of service, and competition;
  3. Support strong, sustainable growth in the civil aviation sector;
  4. Allow effective separation of air navigation services from GCAA;
  5. Further develop the aviation sector while protecting the environment; and
  6. Promote stakeholders’ consultation and dialog.

The comprehensive economic regulations developed covered all commercial aspects of the air transport sector in Ghana designed to promote fair competition among airlines, protect the interest of consumers of air transport services, prevent abuse of dominant/monopolistic positions, and promote transparency in fares, fees and charges by airlines, airports and the air navigation service provider.