Pre-Feasibility Study for the Accra Plains Public Private Partnership Project

Plan Consult in association with BRLi of France undertook for Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) a pre-feasibility for the Accra Plains PPP project. The objective of this consultancy was to establish the technical, economic, and financial viability of the project and provide clear merits of executing the identified project as a PPP project, through the generation of the Pre-feasibility study (Pre-FS). Among the tasks involved in the generation of the Pre-FS were: Needs analysis; Technical scoping of irrigation layout and existing design; Land Usage; Cost estimation; Preliminary Safeguards Assessment; Water volume sales and revenue forecasting; Legal and Regulatory Review; Analysis of existing water users; Preliminary Financial Model; Economic and Financial Analysis; Risk analysis; PPP Options analysis; Fiscal Sustainability and Implementation recommendations.