The Retooling And Modernizing Ghana Ministry Of Tourism Into An Effective And Proactive Policy Instrument Of State

Plan Consult was contracted by the Ministry of Tourism to undertake the retooling and modernization of the Ministry of Tourism into an effective and proactive policy instrument of state. Specifically the assignment entailed a study of:

  • The present structures of the Ministry and Ghana Tourist Board (GTB) and its decentralized Agencies, to identify their capacity in accomplishing their tasks for optimum performance
  • How their relationship can be strengthened for efficient and effective performance
  • Relationship between the tourism sector and other Sectors, especially Ministries whose mandates and activities impact on tourism, align and integrate respective activities of the Ministries towards a common goal
  • Supporting human resources
  • Communications channels with stakeholders and their effectiveness
  • Reporting requirements to supervisory Government and policy institutions; and

Recommend options to address any gaps identified and design appropriate policy management and assessment tools.